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How much money did your last replacement cost? $10,000? $20,000? More? That is a huge amount of money, both in the future of your real estate investment and your home. But this is an investment that isn’t guaranteed. Inclement weather, algae discoloration, and workmanship errors are all potential threats to this heavy investment. A lot can happen throughout your roof’s life, which could be upwards of 50 years.

Come to a roofing contractor who offers more GAF roof warranty options than any other in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer you peace of mind and security in your home with these options and want to ensure you understand what each package covers. Knowing what your warranty provides can save you thousands of dollars and take away unnecessary stress – allowing you to focus on what matters to you.

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What Are My Options for a GAF Roof Warranty?

No other Northeastern Pennsylvania roofing contractor offers you more warranty choices for your new roof than Independent Construction. To help you select the right warranty, the chart below summarizes the key provisions of each of our GAF warranties.

GAF Roofing Warranties from Independent Construction

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You can’t wait until disaster strikes to get your roof covered. When your roof is damaged, you will be stressed about how it looks, what it costs, and when it can be fixed. Save yourself from at least some of that stress with a GAF roof warranty.

Whether you’re looking to have your new roof installed, remodeled, or refurbished, we are here to help. Come to us for any of your contracting needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About GAF Roof Warranties

You might be looking at all these options and have a dozen questions come to mind. We have been working in the industry for years, and we want you to be as informed as possible so that you can make the right choice for your warranty. These first questions we answer are focused on the first concerns and questions that might come to mind when looking at these warranties

What are the chances I will have a problem with my new GAF roof?

GAF roofing materials are created with a long-term life in mind. GAF roofing materials are reliable and trustworthy, with a 1 in 1,000 chance of any problems. However, quality and durability come at a premium. In the rare occasion that a problem arises, it is well worth it to secure a GAF roof warranty to prevent further costs.

What should I look for in a roofing warranty?

In short, coverage against material defects and workmanship errors are what you should ask your contractor about. Our GAF roof warranties come in many different packages with broad coverage options. What you should look for will depend on your home location, your contractor, your price range, and many other factors. It’s important to have a long discussion with your contractor about your best warranty options.

What is GAF’s “SmartChoice® Protection Period”?

GAF’s Smart Choice® Protection Period is a short-term provision that comes with every GAF roof warranty. It can sometimes take years for material defects to show in a new roof. The Smart Choice Protection Period covers your roof if a material defect arises after installation. With this protection period, you can rest easy knowing that GAF will provide all replacement materials and a reasonable installation labor cost. Many warranties will stop at reimbursing your roof materials, leaving you with another bill to pay when it comes time to install.

What is the GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty?

Independent GAF-certified contractors can offer you the GAF Weather Stopper® System Plus Ltd. Warranty. This provides coverage against not only material defects on shingles but also covers all major GAF components on your roof. Your roof is made of many pieces that come together in a protective layer. This GAF roof warranty comes with non-prorated coverage against material defects and will give long-term peace of mind thanks to a GAF 50-year roof warranty. Trust in a warranty that has you covered no matter what material fails (see Ltd. warranty for complete coverage and restrictions).

How can I file a claim for GAF roofing warranties?

GAF roof warranty claims can be filed via telephone, email, and even social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Warranty Coverage

The following questions are focused on answering questions about what the GAF roofing warranties cover, and for how long.

GAF Roofing Warranties

Wind Warranty coverage is available in all GAF warranties covering shingles and accessories

What coverage is available for wind damage?

Wind damage is available in all GAF roof warranties covering shingles and accessories. Wind damage is one of the most common risks to be covered by roofing warranties. For 15 years, you can trust that your warranty will cover wind damage on GAF shingles and ridge cap shingles for 15 years. Note that wind warranties cover no other GAF accessory products. GAF Wind Warranties will only provide coverage up to a maximum wind speed, which will vary depending on the type of shingle and ridge cap shingle installed. The installation method will also factor into the maximum wind speed. When claiming wind warranty coverage, the remedy provided will be reimbursement for reasonable costs of replacement and re-sealing of applicable materials. See the applicable warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.

What does a materials warranty cover?

The exact coverage of a materials warranty will depend on the brand material used in your roof installation. Typically, material warranties will cover shingles for at least 20 years, but possibly 40 years or more. Some shingles can last longer than you might expect, such as GAF 50-year architectural shingles. Other components could have material coverage for as short as just a few months. Please note that it is the manufacturer who provides coverage against material defects. This means that if the manufacturer goes out of business 10 years after your roof is installed, your coverage goes out with them! Don’t be caught unaware. Select a brand that is in a position to last as long as the material you have installed.

Does Independent Construction cover me against workmanship errors?

Independent Construction participates in the GAF Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty, the first manufacturer’s warranty to cover both material defects and the contractor’s workmanship (see warranty for complete coverage and restrictions). While many manufacturers stand by their productions, GAF works closely with roofing experts to ensure you receive only the best installation. You should only work with a trusted contractor like us, who has put in the work to become a GAF-certified roofing contractor. With the Silver and Golden Pledge Ltd. GAF roof warranties, you will be covered against workmanship error for 10 and 25 years, respectively.

What coverage is available for algae?

Algae discoloration and damage coverage are available in all GAF roof warranties, covering shingles and accessories. The remedy provided in the event of a claim will be the reasonable cost of commercial cleaning of the shingles, ridge cap shingles, or StarterMatch® starter strip shingles. GAF reserves the right to offer or reject replacement of the affected shingles under this coverage. StainGuard®-labeled shingles carry a 10-year limited warranty and 1-year non-prorated period. If you opt for an enhanced warranty offered through GAF-certified contractors, your StainGuard Plus™-labeled shingles, ridge cap shingles, and starter strips may be eligible for a 15-year non-prorated period. Algae discoloration is covered not covered for any other GAF Accessory Products.

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