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When it comes to extending your roof life there are many steps that can be taken to achieve it. Depending on the age and material of your roof as well as the climate patterns of the region your building resides your roof may age more quickly than others. As such, roof life will fluctuate according to the influences surrounding the roof. At times, a replacement won’t be necessary, especially in cases where only minor wear and tear are on the roof. In these cases, a roof restoration is a good alternate option. Essentially, a roof restoration will be able to provide repairs and restorative abilities to minor wear and tear made to commercial roofs. It’s important to consult with a licensed roofer to see if this option is good for your roof. Get familiar with the concept of a roof restoration by reading below.

What does roof restoration include?

A roof restoration will include cleaning, repairing minor roofing problems such as roof perforations or leaks, and repainting. A roof restoration is designed to be a cheaper option in comparison to a roof replacement and will extend the life of the roof until a replacement is eventually needed.

How long does a roof restoration last?

A roof restoration will last a decade to fifteen years and can be reapplied at the end of its term. A commercial roof lasts around 20 years and a roof restoration is a good alternative to extend the roof life longer before a replacement is needed.

Roof Restoration vs Replacement

A roof restoration is different from a replacement as it will reduce the amount of waste materials that would go to a landfill as seen with reroofing. Roof restoration will also cost one third as much in comparison to a roof replacement.

How long does a roof restoration take?

A roof restoration will typically take around two to three days to complete with a qualified team. The time given with the job will also depend on weather conditions and the amount of work involved in the process so bear that in mind. With professionals, you can expect that disruptions will be avoided for your day to day schedule.

Types of Roof Restoration:

  • Acrylic
  • Elastomeric
  • Polyurea
  • Silicone

Does roof coating stop leaks?

A roof restoration will be able to seal a leak if the perforation is not too large. Essentially the material will be liquid applied to fill up minor wear and tear, then cure and harden to cover the leak. As applications are applied to the entire roof at one time, every leak will be sealed with a single application.

Roof Restoration Company Process

Roof Restoration Company

A roof restoration company will typically take around two to three days to complete with a qualified team

A roof restoration will essentially provide cool roofing abilities to your roof as the materials placed on roof substrates will have the ability to mitigate high temperatures and reflect heat away from the roof’s surface. Reflecting rather than absorbing solar radiation will help prevent the heat-island effect where surface temperatures and overall ambient temperatures rise in the presence of man-made structures. Stopping UV light and reflecting visible light will have overall building temperatures lowered and maintained as the roof membranes are protected for longer roof life cycles. What’s more, a stable building temperature will mean that less energy is being consumed which lowers air conditioning costs overall. Lighter roof colors are essential to have reflective ability.

Roof Restoration and Painting

A roof restoration will come in either white or black colors which essentially can provide the look of fresh paint over a flat roof substrate.

Roof Restoration and Guttering

Depending on the type of roofing system that you have you may be able to update your gutters as well. This will typically be done separately from the roof restoration job, as such your guttering won’t be affected during the process of restoration.

Is Your Roof Restoration Company worth it?

A roof restoration is worth it for the business that wishes to prolong the process of getting a roof replaced. If the roof is in relatively good shape with occasional issues of wear or tear then a roof restoration will fix the issue. Depending on the roof material, the roof age, and climate zone your commercial roof may benefit from one or the other. Essentially, facility managers, roofing contractors, insurance companies and building owners will each influence the decision to reroof or restore.

Contact a Professional Roof Restoration Company

Only a roof restoration completed with a qualified roofing company will give you the results you want for a secure and sturdy roof. Trained professionals will follow specific protocols and provide smooth applications that will have your roof looking uniform in its new roof coating. Make sure to have your roof inspected in order to gauge the materials, specifications, and conditions of your roof. A roof inspection will allow the roofer to see if a roof restoration is an ideal service to impart on your property. Have your roof increase it’s life with a roof restoration company today.

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