Leaking Roof and Water Damage

How a Leaking Roof Can Affect Your Property

Roof repairs are not uncommon after a storm has passed especially when a leaking roof has formed. A leak can range from minor issues to more extensive ones if ignored over a period of time. That’s why it’s best to get into contact with a professional for a roof inspection so issues like mold or mildew don’t spread to surrounding areas that will further need treatment or repair. When you’re needing assistance with a leaking roof confer with your local roofing company for repairs. Until then here is some general information regarding a leaking roof that can be of use to you.

Why is my roof leaking?

Water Roof Leak

How a Water Leak Can Affect Your Property

A leak can come about for a variety of reasons from improper roof installations to passing storms with impacts that have caused punctures. Yet if a roof is new and no storms have passed it can be that there is something wrong with the installation of the roof membrane or flashing. Other areas that are prone to causing a leaking roof are areas around the chimney or roof vents. Make sure that future materials are strong and installations are done according to your roof specifications to avoid a leaking roof.

How bad is a leak?

A leak can be a danger to items stored in an attic or other locations. Water can stain the interior ceiling, ceiling mounted fans, and lights, as well as damage paint and plaster on walls.

How long does it take for a ceiling to dry after a leak?

Depending on the extent of wetness, a ceiling that’s been infiltrated with water with a leaking roof can take at least two weeks or up to four weeks to dry.

Can leaking ceiling collapse?

A leaking roof will have to have been caused by a sizeable puncture like a tree collapsing or have damaged waterlogged beams significantly to become a problem. A hole punched into the roof can allow water to drain and relieve pressure on the rest of the ceiling. However, a leaking roof with water accumulating and pooling on the roof can enact pressures on the ceiling to where the roof can collapse.

What damage can a leaking roof cause?

A leaking roof can cause damages when chronic or leftover a short period of time. With heavy moisture in the air, mold can form in 1-2 days. Leaks that have been present for a while can lead to wood deterioration and weakened structures. Roof frames can rot which will need to be fixed soon by a professional roofer as structural problems will occur. Ceiling joists and walls can be damaged by stains and mold as well.

Can a leak cause mold?

A leaking roof can cause mold growth as when moisture has built up enough and with certain conditions mold will form. There are two types of mold that a leaking roof can from, limited growth and systemic. Systemic is caused by mold growing throughout the areas when moisture has built up in the attic. Here the buildup is indirect as the leak itself will only affect a small area, the dampness in the air will cause condensation formation throughout the confined space. With limited growth, an attic will have enough ventilation to get rid of the added moisture caused by the leaking roof so in a sense mold growth is limited to the areas around the leak.

How long does it take for mold to grow from a leaking roof?

Mold growing from a leaking roof, according to the Environmental protection Agency as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can begin from 24-48 hours following moisture accumulation. This is due to the fact that mold spores are able to be present in the air in multiple places so it won’t take them long to find water and settle in.

Can a leak make you sick?

A leak itself won’t make you sick yet the conditions that are caused by heavy moisture in the air can as seen with mold and mildew can. Mold formation can occur anywhere from insulation, carpeting, to drywall, and can cause illness from someone just being around the mold.

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