The 7 Components of the Lifetime Roofing System from GAF ®

Replacing your roof is not just about installing a new set of shingles. The roof is a complex home component where many parts need to work together to function as expected.


Let’s discuss the seven components of the GAF ® lifetime roofing system:

1. Roofing Assessment

The first step in a roof replacement project is to remove the old roofing. Next, we’ll examine the deck for damage or decay and then repair or upgrade as needed. This step ensures that your roof deck will be able to support the weight of the new roof once installed.

2. Starter Strip Shingles

These strips prevent the shingles from blowing off in strong winds. We install them along the eaves of your roof that heavy winds are most likely to affect. In most cases, starter strips can qualify you for GAF’s upgraded wind warranty coverage.

3. Leak Barrier

This is a self-adhering, watertight membrane, which we install to protect the most vulnerable spots of your roof. It also protects against leaks that can result from roof settling or harsh weather.

Lifetime Roofing System from GAF ®

Lifetime Roofing System from GAF ®

4. Premium Asphalt Shingles

Once these components are in place Independent Construction, your trusted GAF certified roofing contractor will install the asphalt shingles. GAF offers a vast array of Lifetime shingle options so you can be sure of getting one that suits your home, style, and budget. These shingles come in many color choices to give your home an all new look.

5. Ridge Vent

GAF’s Cobra® Attic Ventilation prevents the untimely peeling of interior paint and wallpapers in your attic. It goes on the ridge to help remove heat and moisture from your attic. As such, it can also contribute in no small measure to your energy savings.

6. Roof Deck Protection

This crucial component shields your roof from the impact of strong winds and heavy rainfall that may blow beneath the shingles. It also promotes the escape of moisture from your attic and is almost invisible since it lies flat.

7. Ridge Cap Shingles

These components reinforce the hips and ridges of your roof and help protect against leaks. They also provide aesthetic appeal to your roofline.

7 Components of the Lifetime Roofing System from GAF ®

With these components, Independent Construction will install a roof that will protect your home, boost its curb appeal, and raise its resale value for years to come. At Independent Construction we also offer roof repair 24/7, so don’t hesitate to contact us if your roof needs a tune-up.

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